On February 20, 2003 the St. Clairsville Area Soccer Association proudly announced the ground breaking of the new soccer complex. To be formally known as the Capstone Soccer Complex this facility when completed will have a lighted field, concession, covered eating areas, walking trail and in complex watering system for the fields along with bleacher seating.


  • In the Fall, lights at Capstone Soccer Complex would have the following benefits in terms of increased capacity

  • Net increase in an available playing time of 290 hours. 

  • Increase in Monday-Friday after school playing time of 123%

  • In October, the increase in after-school playing time jumps to 323%. 

  • Benefits of Increased Capacity in the Spring In the spring, lights at Capstone Soccer Complex would have the following benefits in terms of increased capacity:

  • Net increase in playing time of 152 hours.

  • Increase in Monday-Friday after-school playing time of 40%.

  •  Ability to hold night sporting events with easier attendance for families.

  •  Improved traffic flow, particularly in the heavy post-school traffic period. 

  • Sporting Events at night can help build a sense of community and combat social isolation. 


We believe that adding field lighting will attract out of town visitors by allowing us the opportunity to hold night games. Sports tourism is a growing niche regionally and nationally. As more communities realize the economic value of this visitor segment, new facilities have been developed to accommodate competitive sporting events designed and operated to primarily attract out-of-town visitors while having the additional benefit of hosting recreational and club programs in support of residents. Several of the County’s market characteristics including its accessibility, supply of overnight accommodations, and visitor amenities are compatible with attracting sporting events that generate economic and fiscal impacts.

In addition the SCASA is a member of Ohio North Youth Soccer Association. Both entities work closely with area civic organizations to jointly market and leverage their combined assets to attract, retain and build sports marketing events to establish a national reputation in amateur athletics and increase economic impact to the region.

The Importance of Lighting 

Players cannot play their sport without adequate lighting. Spectators cannot enjoy the sport if they cannot see it. Yet, beyond basic convenience, outdoor lighting is critical to safety. Players will make fewer mistakes on the field or court when they can see well. Spectators are less likely to suffer an accident in the stands when they can see well. Theft and other security issues are minimized with well-lit facilities.